Foggy Amsterdam Morning


It's not every day you have the streets lining Amsterdam's famous canals all to yourself. This autumn morning, I rose early with the hopes of getting a few canal reflection shots. To my surprise, it was a very foggy morning, [...]

Foggy Amsterdam Morning2019-10-29T18:08:31+01:00

Autumn Fog in Amsterdam


Art Print for sale Beautiful Fall colors throughout Amsterdam are reason to pause every few meters. I had a wonderful walk through foggy Amsterdam one Fall morning. I love the stillness of the canal.

Autumn Fog in Amsterdam2019-10-29T18:08:31+01:00

💜 Amsterdam Wisteria 💜


After the magnolias and cherry blossoms bloom across Europe, we eagerly await the arrival of the dangling purple flowers on wisteria vines. Oh, how I love this season too, as the aroma from the flowers is intoxicating. After we [...]

💜 Amsterdam Wisteria 💜2020-05-05T18:18:05+01:00

Rain-Soaked Tulips


Art Print for sale The Utrecht flower market is one of the most amazing places I have ever been, as it is overflowing with luscious healthy and vibrant flowers. There are more flowers and scents than you can take in, [...]

Rain-Soaked Tulips2019-10-29T18:23:49+01:00

Front Step Gezelligheid


Art Print for sale On the same beautiful bright sunny day as some of the other photos were taken, I found this inviting scene around the corner from our apartment at Leidseplein. This photo perfectly embodies one of the first [...]

Front Step Gezelligheid2018-08-30T16:40:25+01:00

Shades of Purple II


Art Print for sale During the Summer of 2011, the weather started out beautiful in April and got progressively worse over the next couple of months. Any chance I could get out to see what the rain had produced in [...]

Shades of Purple II2018-08-30T16:44:39+01:00
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