Luxury Accommodations in Paris


I often get DMs and emails from you all asking for recommendations for accommodations around France. Paris has hundreds of hotels, so there's truly something for everyone. But when I think about the questions I get from my audience [...]

Luxury Accommodations in Paris2020-08-31T10:05:04+01:00

🎡 La Grande Roue 🌳


My parents have been in town, and it's been so fun showing them some of my favorite places around Paris. They've only had a brief stop over here, once before our trip to the south and now after, but we [...]

🎡 La Grande Roue 🌳2020-02-10T09:16:43+01:00

🏰 Château du Rivau 🌹


My friends and longtime mutual followers over on Instagram at @hello_france contacted me recently to be part of an excursion to a beautiful French château. Since I'm not one to reject offers of excursions that involve photographing beautiful places across France [...]

🏰 Château du Rivau 🌹2020-02-18T14:06:33+01:00
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