Living in Paris, I have become more familiar with concept stores than I ever had been before. I’ve always enjoyed stopping by them, but haven’t been quite as awestruck as some of my friends over Colette and Merci. During a recent visit to Amsterdam, I decided to grab lunch at a place I have passed countless times over the years but never entered, let alone dined at: concept store Friday Next.

It was a bit chilly that day, so I opted to find a spot inside to sit. There are many different options for seating – outdoor, just inside at a community table, up a few stairs for a view out the large picture windows, and further into the store itself. I went for a cozy candle-lit spot more in the rear, which gave me both a quiet place to eat as well as more opportunity to look at some of the goodies around.

I already love Dutch lunch rooms, as there is almost always some new creative touch on sandwiches I already love. I’ve always giggled about how these sandwiches served in restaurants differ from what I’ve seen Dutch people make at home. More creative and more… substantial, to say the least. Herbs and nuts, figs and apples, the sandwiches get more and more interesting all the time – especially the meat-free ones!

Unfortunately, I was in a hurry to meet a friend the day I dined at Friday Next, so I wasn’t able to explore the store much more, but it is definitely on the list now as cute and reliable lunch spots in Amsterdam and certainly looks promising for unique home and office accessories.

Overtoom 31
1054 HB Amsterdam
+31 (0) 20 612 32 92