For this gift guide, I’m so excited to share with you a few businesses and organizations in Paris that could really use your support this year. It doesn’t need repeating that this year has been tough for a lot of business, especially those that depend on tourists. Of course Paris being one of the most visited destinations in the world depends on tourists, as do its businesses. Below I’m sharing a list of businesses that help bring a touch of Paris to your life and could also use a bit of a boost this year. Thank you in advance for supporting them and tell them I sent you!

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Julia Willard, France gift guide, Falling Off Bicycles

Belle Inspiration Luxe Box

Each monthly subscription box is a grande surprise, 2-3 luxury treasures personally chosen from an exclusive selection of French vendors & ateliers & delivered to your door. The best part: No two boxes are identical.

Virtual Italian Cooking Class

Join my friend Krystal and her Sicilian husband Giuseppe for Sunday cooking classes of Italian specialties. We made fresh gnocchi and pesto a couple weeks ago and it was fabulous and fun.

Virtual Pastry Making Class

A new discovery for me, Molly Wilkinson is an American expat in Versailles who teaches online baking classes. Everything she makes looks positively divine!

Julia Willard, Paris photograph, Falling Off Bicycles, Paris blog, American in Paris
Julia Willard, My Paris Story, Dawn Bournand
Julia Willard, Julie Willard, Falling Off Bicycles, French linens

Falling Off Bicycles Photography

A shameless self-plug here. It’s my every day pleasure to share my photos and videos with you on social media, but what pays the bills is your purchases of my art. I print on wrapped canvases, notecards, paper, etc. Use code GIVETHANKS20 for 20% off your order. Restrictions apply.

My Book! My Paris Story

Grab this Paris anthology I co-wrote with 21 other inspiring women who have made Paris their home. I’ll include a personal note and signature along with a Falling Off Bicycles bookmark.

La Maison Ivre French Linens

When I posted photos of this shop a few months ago, I got so many DMs. It is a charming shop and a dream for all lovers of French linens. The owner does speak English and you can email her with any questions. She told me she’s really struggling this year, so I do hope you’ll consider purchasing from her.

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Julia Willard, My Paris story, book about Paris, Paris anthology, Paris Women of Success
Julia Willard, Falling Off Bicycles, Julie Willard, French word a day, Kristin Espinasse

Maison NH Handbags

I have now worked with Maison NH a couple of times and just love their bags. My first of theirs was the Dahlia Petit in Sucre Brun and it is one of my most complimented accessories I’ve ever worn. I even got my mom one for Christmas last year, which she loved. Use code MNHDAYS20 for 20% off site-wide plus FREE get FREE shipping worldwide.

Shakespeare & Co. Membership

A few weeks ago it came to my attention that this Parisian landmark was struggling. I have since placed my own order but have found they found a way to help you help them. They now offer a membership program with benefits that include exclusive content, access to their bookclub, and signed books.

French Word-a-Day Memoir

Kristin’s blog is the only blog I have followed religiously for the last 10+ years. Her missives from Provence paint a vivid picture of life in the south while always leaving readers with something to think about. She’s written several books and is currently co-writing one with her French husband.

Julia Willard, My Paris story, book about Paris, Notre Dame de Paris, Louvre
Julia Willard, My Paris story, book about Paris, Notre Dame de Paris, Louvre
Julia Willard, My Paris story, book about Paris, Musée d'Orsay

Friends of Notre Dame de Paris

Join thousands of other donors to help bring our beloved Notre Dame back to life. I watched the cathedral burn in 2019 and it was so moving to see the citizens of Paris come together to sing and cry over the loss of the 800 year-old monument. Every little bit helps.

American Friends of the Louvre

A donation to American Friends of the Louvre (AFL)  helps make the Museum’s exhibitions and permanent collections more accessible in the U.S. and beyond. There are of course many benefits with the membership including invitations to events and access to the museum.

American Friends Musée d’Orsay

Another tax-deductible option, this is a great option for lovers of this museum along the Seine. Annual membership holders enjoy the benefits of free admission, exclusive events, and more.

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