Did you know there is an I love you Wall in Paris?!? I didn’t either until very recently. The Mur des Je t’aime is situated in the heart of Montmartre, where Parisians and foreigners alike pass on a daily basis. I decided to walk there the other day from home – even though it’s not too close to where I live – just to get a fuller Montmartre experience.

To approach this little gem by metro, take Line 12 to the Abbesses station (see photo), and you will see it just across the square when exiting the metro station. The Wall itself is inside the Square Jean-Rictus, which is a charming little place for a pause or a lunch picnic. The wall was apparently better known by others than by myself, as there were foreigners all over looking for the words “I love you” in their respective languages.

There is such beauty in the idea behind this wall. I think I will visit it often.