Lili's Brownies Paris

A few years ago most likely during one of my Paris wanderings, I discovered rue du Dragon in the 6ème arrondissement. I’ve written about Cartes d’Art before, as it is the first shop I was charmed by on this short street, but I have since discovered other wonderful shops and restaurants within steps of the location of my first coup de cœur. Just down the street, closer to St. Sulpice, there is a charming little café with rather untraditional goodies. Lili’s Brownies specializes in flavored cakes of about a dozen flavors each day. You can buy a slice for around 2.50€ or you can purchase entire loaves. (DANGER!) The cakes are proper cakes and not any of these unfortunate French imitations. They are both dense and moist, and most importantly, they are delicious. My favorite is the orange cake with hardened chocolate glaze on it. It is so divine, that I always hesitate to try others, however yummy they may look. Be sure to pair your cake with one of their fresh fruit juices. Choices include: kiwi, mango, strawberry banana, orange, and more.

I asked to take a photo of them, but they declined, saying “ce n’est pas possible”. Never mind that it is indeed “possible”, they are protective of their cakes, and frankly I don’t blame them.

Lili's Brownies Paris

Yummy fresh juices to choose from


Falling Off Bicycles

A dozen or so loaves to choose from

Falling Off Bicycles Paris