I don’t talk about it much publicly, but I have a deep spiritual practice that has led me to meet so many interesting people over the years. Before I started my photography and travel consulting business, I was more focused on editing and translating. During my time in Amsterdam, I would regularly attend meditations with a Buddhist monk (which I loved and miss very much), and I also joined a small but intensive class on the Law of Attraction. Our teacher opened the four of us to an incredible world that I myself can’t articulate as well as the many authors I read. Now, whenever I read a new book that moves me, I love to share it with others.

Here’s a snippet from Genevieve Behrend’s Your Invisible Power that will give you a taste of some of what I study. The central idea idea is usually about the importance of tending to the garden of our subconscious minds. The depth of this short book is incredible, and while it can be read quickly, I recommend it be studied with pen and paper handy. I read it as a PDF on my iPad, and it is so dense with valuable information that I highlighted probably half of the book!

Your Invisible Power

The Law of Attraction workshop I mentioned was taught by a woman I had been drawn to almost immediately when I met her in my writing class. I had joined the class not only to improve my writing skills, but also in an effort for self-growth. I occasionally like to throw myself to the wolves, and what better way to do it than in a writing class with strangers who would without a doubt be better writers and far less afraid of critique than I? I got to know PJ a bit, and once I learned more about her I understood why we clicked. She was also an insatiable student of spiritual topics, of our thoughts creating our lives. When she mentioned she had this workshop coming up, I jumped at the chance to dig more deeply into the subject. When it finally started, I found myself among the perfect small group of women who were sweet, encouraging, and curious. I learned so much in those eight weeks, as we dove into our own desires, the stories we were telling ourselves about whether or not we deserve those desires, and how we can reprogram ourselves for better results.

Our required reading/listening before the workshop began

Through that class and subsequent events I attended along the same vein, I met a budding author, Alexander den Heijer. Alex and I managed to talk for four hours the first time we met in person, as we conversed over all things having to do with personal development and spirituality. After years of speaking and doing motivational workshops, Alex decided to get his work out to a wider audience in the form of a book. His new book Nothing You Don’t Already Know, just released this month, is a book that will help you do exactly what the title implies: remember what you already know deep down.  The book is a great reminder for those who are looking to add more spirituality into their lives, that we all have an innate understanding that we need reminding of sometimes. We were born with a connection to the Infinite and yet life, societal expectations, fear, and doubt can take over and blind us to our truth.

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I hope you’ll consider checking out the book if you need a little reminder that we are born with knowledge about the incredible power we all have inside us.