When in Paris, it’s important to do as the Parisians do. One day this summer, I was fed up working inside and decided to go for a walk a little before lunchtime. I ended up getting so far away from home, that I couldn’t wait to return to eat lunch. I decided that lunch in a park was precisely what a Parisienne would do in such a situation, so I found the nearest boulangerie and headed to a park just across the street. I had never been to this parc, or more accurately, square, but it was a lovely little find in the Marais.

While the square itself is rather nondescript, it’s the people watching that’s the most fun. There’s always some interesting character walking through, feeding the pigeons, sleeping on a bench, or just sitting quietly eating lunch. It’s so nice – and even calming – to watch silently and wonder where these people have come from, and where they’ll head to next.