Pierre Hermé Paris macarons

France has been the leader in beautiful sweets for who knows how long. Whether you indulge or not, any stop to a pâtisserie is a feast for the eyes. The sugar, the butter, the top quality ingredients come together to make the most beautiful desserts and Pierre Hermé is among the most famous and popular in Paris with their creations of what has become the quintessential Parisian dessert (or snack, as the case may be!): the macaron. If you’re on any social media site that has a Paris theme, they have surely been a huge a huge presence (Pinterest, anyone?). And pastry chefs just keep getting more and more creative with flavors.

Although I’ve learned to control my indulgences of these (it took years), I do enjoy one still from time to time. I love that this is another way the French bring beauty to the world, even in a tiny dessert.

Pictured flavors: Infiniment Rose, Yasamine, Imagine, Velouté Ispahan