A couple of weeks after I moved to Amsterdam, my Dutch boyfriend bought me this beautiful omafiets, or Grandma’s bike. That thing was my prized possession until it got stolen 10 months later. It was my transportation and my reliable companion all over the beautiful city of Amsterdam, so I was pretty devastated when someone made away with it (and at Leidseplein of all places!). The freedom a bicycle offers is so unmatched by anything else I can think of. Riding again after so many years away from a bike, I realized how important it is to feel that carefree feeling a bike necessarily gives. (The necessity and fun of it is well-explained in this book.) I just loved going everywhere on this thing, and it even made going on dates even more romantic.

I am so thankful for the gift of this darling bike and all the freedom it brought me.

(Notice the bouquet of flowers in the back.)