When I told you all the story about my bike, I didn’t really complete the story. From this silly little estate sale purchase I gleaned so much inspiration. 🚲 After coming up with my company name, I knew I needed a logo befitting of the new brand.

When I was living in Amsterdam, my favorite bike that I ever saw in Amsterdam became somewhat of a muse for me. The “Today is a gift” inscription on this purple cutie spoke to me, and I immediately began to imagine a bike of my own with such an inscription. I eventually hired a graphic designer to create a personalized logo for me, giving her very few specifications. I gave her an image of that bike from Leidseplein plus a photo of a bouquet I had purchased back in 2011 at the Amsterdam bloemenmarkt, requesting similar flowers in a basket on the bike.

The bike I spotted at Leidseplein that would eventually inspire the inscription of my own bike and logo

The bouquet from the Bloemenmarkt that would inspire my logo (iPod Touch photo from 2011)

I was so excited when she came back with the proofs. What was so great about the designer’s interpretation of the name was that she had meaningful items falling off the back of the bicycle, adding the whimsy that the brand embodies. Any quick look at my photography and you’ll see I have an affinity for color and flowers, which she incorporated beautifully. And see those three postcards falling off the back? They are each significant for me and my brand: one from Paris, one from Amsterdam, and one from my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.

The final touch that is not visible without significant zoom, but “Today is a gift” is on the bike frame of the logo bike, just as it was on that darling purple bike in Amsterdam.

So finally, the finished product! What do you think?

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