French dog

How did French dogs get to be a thing, you know, a topic in and of themselves? What is it about them that makes them any different or more interesting than dogs in any other countries? I can’t deny that I have been seduced by a few charming pooches over the years. Perhaps it is the way they join their people for une pause at a café or the adorableness of their little bums sauntering down a charming French road… I think many foreigners are impressed with their characters. I, myself, am often taken aback by their obedience. Rarely have I seen a dog fight (and we know how much time I spend in Parisian parks!) or a dog stealing food off a café table. While I try to figure it out, I think I’ll just keep snapping away.

There is a book I see from time to time called The French Dog by Rachael Hale McKenna. I finally picked it up and flipped through it the other day in a shop and found it just charming. Have you seen this book? I have now added it to my coffee table book list for future purchase!

rachael mckenna