Amsterdam Café de Jaren

Something I’ve always giggled to myself about a little, as I’ve become more familiar with the Dutch culture and the sometimes unpleasant low dark sky and frequent rainy days, is how the first moment the sun pops out and sheds enough of a sun beam out (whether it’s in February or May), the Dutch are there to grab a seat on the nearest terrasse. I tease my Dutch friends about this, but the truth is, I too love the opportunity to go plant my bum someplace and people watch for hours. One of my favorite places to stop a have a drink and borreltjes is Café de Jaren on Nieuwe Doelenstraat, with its back terrace on the Amstel. It’s a fun place to be upstairs, downstairs, inside or outside, but in the Springtime when the golden chair trees are at their best it is heavenly on the back terrace.Julia Willard, Cafe de Jaren, terras Amsterdam

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.”

~ Tom Peters